Pride Play with Clay.

Heritage Park
Olympia Pride
Olympia, WA

After a long week of tragedy, we decided to offer folks a chance to do some self care during a skeptically celebratory Pride Festival.

We offered this prompt:
This has been a scary and painful week for many people. In a time when folks may feel lost, angry, scared, invisible, grief stricken it can lead to a sense of not knowing what to do. How to cope, how to feel support, how to be seen, how to be heard, how to feel safer, who to talk to, how to be angry, how to feel righteous, how to shake fists and make waves.

Sometimes it feels hardest to not be seen, witnessed, and supported for all of those feelings. Who will bear witness? What does it feel like to be seen, held, contained in a time of strife?

With support Arbutus Folk School, Community Youth Services will be offering up a free Play with Clay table. Come touch the clay and take some time for yourself. We are asking folks to consider the theme of “witness” and “containment”. What does it feel like to been seen? Witnessed? Who is it that witnesses us? What is it like to witness each other? Likewise, what would it feel like to be held? What does that holding space or container look like? How would we build a container for others to be held in? How can we see and be seen by each other?

The object is to play, have fun and create a low stress community collaboration. We’ll fire some of the objects for a painting/glazing event and display at Rosie’s Place later this summer.  Stay tuned.  


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